Thursday, August 18, 2011

Soul Scrap Quest # 9 - Eastern Delights WITH A TWIST!!!!

Sometimes I have trouble with the MOJO!  So I joined this great group of ladies over at Soul Scrappers.
They have wonderful challenges that really get my creative juices flowing.  One of my favorite challenges is Soul Scrap Quest, here it is in their words:
What is Soul Scrap Quest?

You will be sent a pack of embellishments to use on your page. Everyone
receives the same items (color and size may vary). The concept is to
scrap a page using all or most of these items. You can add anything you
like but you must use all or most of your FREE STUFF!

By adding you name to the list you agree to use all or most of the FREE STUFF
supplied, make a card, layout, OTP, sewn item or a mixed media
item.......and then upload to the gallery using the code SSQ9 in the
title. This Quest allows you to create anything you want......

What makes this a QUEST unique..... is that until you open your
envelope you are really not going to know what is in it, and what you
are expected to use. Some of the embellies could be shop bought,
painted items, stickers, stamped images, polymer clay items, metal
items, hand pieced images, handmade flowers, sewn items, felt items
etc......... the list goes on!!

The only hint you will get is the theme, so for this challenge we will scrap to the theme 'Eastern Delights'
Now! I understand we are all not going to have Oriental/Asian photos in our, think outside the box IE, garden photos, water features, mountains, or don't even use a photo, instead paint or draw a scene.
Use a 'Confucious Quote' on your page :)

So the quote that I chose is: 
If I am walking with two other men, each of them will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself.

I went to the Kumakura Garden at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL to take the pictures used on my pages.  This was such a fun challenge, join us over at Soul Scrappers and get challenged yourself.

Page 1 Kumakura Garden
Page 2 Kumakura Garden



Penny Hanuszak said...

What a unique challenge Debbie. I like how your pictures of the Japanese garden lend themselves to this scrapbook page and the quote. Very beautiful and very creative.

Dale Morin said...

What a fabulous job! Beautiful. TFS