Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nature Walk Shadow Box - The Results

Last night we made our Nature Walk Shadow Boxes and as by request have taken pictures of them.  Forgot to take Amanda's box before she left, sorry Amanda.

Mari's Box

Cindy and BJ's Boxes
Come join us next time.  We have lots of fun!


Patty Mickle said...

I love your shadow boxes. You always have such creative projects! TFS!

María said...

Beautiful creations!!! TFS :)

Lynda said...

Wow...are you going to do a turorial?

Debbie Martin said...

Sorry unfortunately I can't since this project came from UStamp with Dawn and Friends!! Oh My Word!! Edition 2011 and I can only demonstrate them in class, however, I believe you can still join that class and download the instructions for yourself. Hope this helps.

Julia said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Anne Marie said...

Debbie, these are gorgeous!! Wow! This looks like a fun project! :)